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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bohemian Spirit

capture this moment.

for you it is a lifetime.

freedom is the essence

cannot cage the spirit

hang it on a wall like a picture

gone before you know it

cannot cage the

true nature of


Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.
picture by Gustav Klimt

Monday, February 8, 2010

muse, my beautiful muse

Muse, Muse!
Oh how you confuse
Spewing emotion
Some sort of commotion
Renders emptiness in you.
Still... Still.
You are always so still.
Running so fast
In circles
Toward you
You'll never
You'll always
I'll always
be waiting for you.
A tad bit ashamed
I divulged in such ways
The things I dream about you.
I'll push you away
You'll continue to stay
In a locked up place
I'll keep you.
What will be shall be
Yet somehow that annoys me
I always yearn for more!
And sentences
It might as well be on tape
Cause we always reply
The bullshit you say
To keep me hanging on.

I don't understand
Just never understand
All I want is


Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.