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Monday, November 9, 2015

Focus Your Audio

How could you be such an asshole?
Along came a left wing
Free-spirit girl
She twirled in circles
To her favorite songs
Lost family in Vietnam
And others over seas
And Crohn's disease
What's the bottom line?
As long as you're fine
I bet you'll still complain.
Voice over
Hands waving
Proclaiming all that you "know"
She doesn't see it your way
She's got her own point-of-view
Pain in the eyes
Life that's been lived in
Path to the shore
Ocean's strong
Currants shape and whip
Tiny moments
Make love slip
Into where it fits
Thus is life.
Flower in her hair
Heart on her sleeve
Poet, beatnik, Rock N Roll chick
You can't change or contain her
That's why you'll never forget
Live with no regrets
Sheet music
Shooting stars
All hope
Hey Mister,
How could you be such an asshole?

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Real Love Letter

There are so many things to say, yet I feel words can never be enough to describe how I feel.  Which is quite the conundrum for a girl who fashions herself a writer.  I can only say that I hope to show you how much you mean to me by living like you live and like you taught me, by example...
--To not simply exist in the world, a passer-bye, but to make a difference
~That every person matters and so does their story~ No act of kindness too small~ No misstep too great that it must define you~ That strength is found within, along with beauty~ That neither time nor circumstance determines who you are or who you will become~ Only you, and you alone can define yourself...

And that LOVE is the most powerful thing of all.
LOVE conquers all and is the true essence of everything.

Basically, YOU are the most amazing being I know...
A true Goddess, an earth angel
I have been truly blessed not just to call you Mother, but Friend.
I believe--I KNOW-- that our LOVE and our connection has spanned many lifetimes,
many realms and is a true gift from God.
It is the most honest and pure LOVE that there is... Mother and child...
Your constant ability to LOVE unconditionally is my inspiration.
I only hope that I live and LOVE right and enough to make you proud...

Thank you for being you and for all that you've done and continue to do.
                                                  I LOVE YOU,

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't Bother

Don't bother
I already know
The way to the end
Of the fork in this road
"The road less traveled"
Doesn't mean what you think
It's just another term
For this one way street

I said don't bother
You're so predictable
I know what you'll say
Before you even say it
You'll try to match me in smarts
A battle of wit
A conundrum of time
A mosaic that doesn't fit

Don't bother
I've been here for too long
The pause and rewind
Of my most hated song
I know all the words
And the beats to the drum break
Lessons learned
Sometimes hard to take

I said don't bother
Without giving it much thought
I wouldn't mind
If you queried
About the battle being fought
And the time,
The time is said
To "draw out like a blade"
Slow and bloody
Like the difference being made

Don't bother
Well, maybe you should
I do and I am
Could if you would

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


The air is so thick
I need it to stay alive
So I keep breathing
But every inhale
Takes with it
A sliver of my whole,

I try to accept
With every moment
That I have left
I try to accept
That foot-heels are all I hear.
Those who pledge love
Do so with baited breath
In essence
Polluting the already
Strangling air.

Yet by cutting ties
I somehow find myself.

We crave what will
Make us suffer.
By nature it seems
We challenge ourselves.

From this moment
I challenge myself
To cut ties
And crave
What will make
Me grow.

Like a tall tree...
Saw off the dead branches
That consume
All nourishment
And thrive,
Toward the sun.

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.