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Friday, October 17, 2014

The Wind

The wind blows
My emotion to the Gods
My rationality to the wind
The wind, the wind

Did I do this to myself?
I wonder
I ponder your intentions
Do you even care?
You care.
I do.

I wonder
What could be?
What will be?
Things look grim.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you!

The wind blows
Takes with it my thoughts
With each gust
I think something new,
Something you.

Do you?

Naturally Drawn...

How pure
The years have collected dust
The distance is too much
And the ambiguity...
It all just seems like too much!

Soft lips
Like satin to my soul
Like food for my being
I miss you!

Dreams sketch beautiful moments
In my mind.
The wind
The wind...

With each snap of the palms
I realize I've dwelled too long
In delusion.
You will never love me like I long.

The wind
The wind...

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Naturally Drawn

Some things just come natural
Some signs are missed
Only because we refuse to see them.
It's been awhile since I've cried
Cause those tears in my eyes
Didn't make anything better.
I think of you at night
Only because you've shed some light
In the dark room
Where we were standing.
And my dreams have moved on from you
Back to a blurry face
In a distant place
That I have yet to see.
Nothing makes sense
Just a blur
And I sat in the dirt
Just to get myself together.
I called it "Dyin"
But I'm still alive
I made it through the pain
And instead of feeling confused
I felt relieved
Winning doesn't matter anymore
I walked out the door
And the only reason  you might have cared
Could have been a moment shared...
If you were worth it.

But all your claims
Of different frames
Of mind
I've heard before
You're warnings are weak
You're just tryin to make me think...

Because all you say makes sense in my head
I got lost in your kiss
And the bend of your body.
I should have known
That your passion
Was too real to be for real
I just wanted to feel...   Something.

Something more than toxic oblivion
And I can't make it seem
That I don't know what you mean
The way you pick my brain
Could explain
How I've found myself in this situation.

And I guess I
Shouldn't say you're like the rest
Cause you're like no one I've ever met
And those words may be confusing
But it's the back and forth manner
That made it hard to keep it together
While I was just trying to make this
What it will never be
And what that is, I just don't know
Not sure if I ever will.
That's what you've done
While I was tryin to understand you
You made me understand myself
A closer look
Into the mirror, your eyes...

But, then,
You did it again
You traced my face with your hand
The lips that frame all the passion that you stand for
Swallowed my strong stance
And made me melt
Into the hands in which
You claim are all that you are
And, while that point of view
Means more to you
Than I ever will
I realize that it doesn't matter
Because some things just come natural
It can't be forced
And, it won't be
It's just me
That's naturally drawn,
To you

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.