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Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue T-shirt

I had a favorite blue shirt once.
I liked it so much I wore it an entire summer.
I'd wash it,
Wear it
Wear it
Wash it
It made me feel a certain way
Comfortable I guess

I think we can out grow people.
When you meet someone
And you recognize
yourself in their eyes
Connecting on another plane.
You let out your breath
Like, you can finally relax,
They get it.

We all grow as people
Trauma, trials, tribulations
Laughter that changes you at the core.
As we evolve
Some turn
To the ticking of the right hand
While others,
Others go counterclockwise.
Either way
We loose sight of who we were
We step into new footprints
With heavier or lighter feet,
In opposite directions,
We're different.

I no longer see myself in you.
I see an insecure, abusive
Fragmented red flash...

I carry with me the
Weight of several people
But I try to keep my steps light.

I'm walking away
I'm moving toward a brighter place.
Maybe alone,
But definitely with good intention.

I say goodbye to you
Old friend
With no ill will
I just can't keep wearing
The same old shirt.
I thought maybe it would
Turn out differently
But, it's OK.
Moving forward allows for
Unknown adventures
More core changing laughter
and new peeps
Along the off-beat path.

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.