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Sunday, June 16, 2013


Travel in the eyes of the beholder
Could be nothing less than an experience
Let the depth of sight
Penetrate your soul
In a way that a lover would.
Miss me not
For I am always with you
The bond of a sister
Is the power of God
Cause I could move mountains
And slice the sea
With this love that we share.
The Universe agrees
That we were meant to be
And our souls acceded
To share in suffering and growth.
No amount of distance
Could derail our path
My heart is my mind
Is our blood.
Thicker than brick
And stronger than a million men.
Time is non-existent
Because infinity is ours.

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

movin on

looking for myself in the past
to figure where i went off the path
let the disease take me
time to take me back
time to change
find my new path
enough of
dark shade
bed sheets
and medication
i'm movin on

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.