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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

love garden

watched a plane fly by behind the clouds
they rolled in, in different shapes and sizes
traveled down this love street
stumbled through all the clutter
bare feet
I like to feel the Earth
climbing trees made out of boxes
and iridescent leaves
lye on the branches and take a nap
dreamt of white rapids
that turned into warm streams
made a bamboo raft
and floated to the sound of drums in the distance
no particular destination
just somewhere where love is true
and peaceful eyes look beyond the clutter
into what's real.
A solid hand
and a groovy man
greet me.
We meander with easy smiles
breezy breath
silky skin.
It smells fresh, like morning dew
We dance in the moon lit forest
and make a garden
out of love...

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.