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Monday, November 9, 2015

Focus Your Audio

How could you be such an asshole?
Along came a left wing
Free-spirit girl
She twirled in circles
To her favorite songs
Lost family in Vietnam
And others over seas
And Crohn's disease
What's the bottom line?
As long as you're fine
I bet you'll still complain.
Voice over
Hands waving
Proclaiming all that you "know"
She doesn't see it your way
She's got her own point-of-view
Pain in the eyes
Life that's been lived in
Path to the shore
Ocean's strong
Currants shape and whip
Tiny moments
Make love slip
Into where it fits
Thus is life.
Flower in her hair
Heart on her sleeve
Poet, beatnik, Rock N Roll chick
You can't change or contain her
That's why you'll never forget
Live with no regrets
Sheet music
Shooting stars
All hope
Hey Mister,
How could you be such an asshole?

Experience. Freedom. Love. Now.